Thursday, June 12, 2008


So I figured I'd sort of overhaul this website and use it to document my upcoming trip to Paris. We'll see how well that goes. If this is anything like my commitment to journaling, this blog is doomed. Every couple months I say that I'm going to journal and that I'm going to use it as a way to reflect and keep track of important life events and be able to look back on what I've experienced and be a better person for it. And every couple of months, there are two back to back, and then one from the following week and then silence until the whole process starts up again.

I realize I'm assuming that everyone will know what I'm talking about since I figure mostly family and friends will be reading this, but in the off chance someone doesn't know, I've been accepted to the European American Musical Alliance Summer Program. For those interested, their website is I'll be leaving June 30th and returning August 3rd and might even spend a couple days in London when everything is finished. That part of the trip is sort of up in the air.

Thanks to my buddy Sean for suggesting this idea. I'm planning on explaining (in super nerd music language) some of what I learn while I'm over there. And for my sister-in-law Hayley, I plan on posting pictures of the people and places and experiences that I have while I'm over there. Pretty thorough I suppose.

Alright, today I'm planning on getting my packing list finalized and trying to round up the last couple things that I need for the trip. I'm sure I'll figure out soon that there are a million things I've forgotten, but right now I'm feeling pretty good.