Thursday, October 09, 2008


So my sister-in-law got on my case for not blogging in a while and she's absolutely right. The only thing I can say is read the very first blog on this page. At least I'm consistently inconsistent in my approach to blogging.

AND I apologize to those who have waited for the blog I promised probably close to two months ago. I failed there too.

So basically the last part of the trip was great. I met with a great couple, Mark and Jane, a couple that was newly married when my parents were in China to get my sister. They talked with me about the work they are doing over in China. A great time of encouragement and interesting conversation. I took the train from a downtown London station to a station in the middle of nowhere. I kind of expected Aslan to come strolling up the lane. But he didn't and eventually Mark and Jane pulled up (so kind of them to drive as long as they did) and we got something to drink at a little coffee shop downtown.

The rest of that day I saw some of the sites of London, rode in the double decker red buses and helped some random foreign exchange student find a train station to make her train back home.

The flight home was amazing. I watched like 4 movies on the little screen in front of me. So so cool. Kung Fu Panda is a must watch. Great writing. Actually made me laugh out loud. Maybe it's cause I was really tired.

Right before I got home, Travis and Josh Auer decided to track 4 more songs for the Travis Ryan project. When I got home I was greeted with the task of scoring 4 more songs. It was a lot of work, but they turned out AMAZING. I have to say that delayed piano and marxophones are totally awesome sounds. For those of you following the Travis Ryan music, you can now find him on Itunes. The next four songs will be on pretty soon. We're currently in the process of repackaging the EP as a full-length.

We also shot a music video that will be featured in a new series of videos for small groups based on the 10 commandments. Pretty fun stuff.

School is back in the swing of things and I'm currently trying to finish up my masters thesis and recital. Currently writing the thesis and a string quartet.

That's about it on life. I'll shifting the focus of this blog to life stuff and school status, keeping you up to date on all things music related there and any interesting experiences that happen along the way!