Monday, January 05, 2009

Music Update - Regis and Kelly (didn't happen) or A Commercial for Josh Auer's Blog

So Christmas and the New Year were great. My family came out and visited. Christmas in California was good stuff.

Plans for the New Year:

Graduate with my Masters
Get more music gigs

One of the things that happened before 2008 ended was that my buddy Josh (also see Josh Auer link to the right) and I decided to take a shot at writing the 100K theme song contest for Regis and Kelly. We submitted our song, but unfortunately did not win the contest. Check out the song by clicking here, (a link to my music myspace, which will soon be undergoing renovations) No worries. This guy didn't win either, but I think he should have...

Also, the day after Christmas we played a show with the fabulous Taylor Warren at the Roxy up in LA. Check out his myspace by clicking here. It was a good time and I think we'll be doing more of that in the future. You can check out pics of the show by visiting Josh's blog site here (also see Josh Auer link to the right).